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There is nothing like high school. The pressure of studying is so great that it becomes a nightmare. Also students these days have a lot to deal with. The extensive routine that requires both extra-curricular tasks and studies exhaust students to no end. Therefore in such scenario having an app on your smartphone to help you out is God-sent.

The cliché goes: there is an app for everything and yes there is, even to make your high school life easier. You should just know where to look.

Once you get familiar with an app, you will realize that it is easy to keep your house in order and get on top of all the things that seem chaotic.

Here are some apps compiled by SwiftContractPhones that are extremely helpful to high school students. They will save you a lot of time and you can go on pretending that you are ‘studying hard’ in front of your mum.


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1. Forest

Forest is a well-thought of app that has been very smartly designed. It is also very simple – too simple so that it gets the job done. You download the app. After creating an account, all you have to do is ‘plant the seed’ when you study.

As long as you are studying and not touching your phone, your tree will thrive and grow. But just as you minimize the app or close it to either text or see your social media accounts, the tree with die. And quite graphically and you will be made to feel very guilty.

The app has have a remarkable results in keeping students’ attention to studies for long periods of time.

Get it on Android and iOS.

2. Tide

Tide is another gem that is more direct in its approach. They use enhancing background noise and imaging techniques. Tide has been designed in a way that you’d want to open it and get to work.

It even gives you schedule planning and gives you a perfect blend of time and project (your school work) management.

It is highly recommended. It will even give you performance reviews of your time spent studying on weekly basis.

Get it on Android and iOS.

3. Todait

Todait is an app that lets you do amazing things with its high-tech and graphical interface. It even breaks down your tasks and tells you exactly how much time do you need to spend to make sure that you are achieving your targets.

You will also get great updates on weekly and monthly basis. You can track your progress brilliantly and evaluate yourself.

Get it on Android

4. Smart Study Plan

The name says it all. Smart Study Plan is a study planner that has great interface and a very detailed mechanism. You have to input your requirements, your courses, your tasks and the app will create the perfect plan for you.

When your schedule needs to be modified, for example if you have new course, you can add it to your study plan and you will get a new output from the app.

Get it on Android.

5. Tinycards

Tinycards is developed from Duolingo’s developers. The app focuses on memory enhancing techniques. It displays colorful flash cards to make you memorize important stuff.

This technique has proven to be immensely successful and students world over are loving the app. Get it on Android and iOS.

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