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E-commerce businesses are now integrating with social media a lot. The reason behind this is the uncommon popularity and ample opportunities to give your tiny business global acquaintance. 

To find out more reasons behind it, which all are yet unknown to many, we should first have to understand the strength of social media networks and the importance of embedding. 

We hopefully will reach a stage which would be better than now, to understand the benefits of embedding Twitter feed on website.

What is Twitter feed embedding? How it is important for an eCommerce business?


Twitter embedding is a method of social commerce, in which the user-generated content from Twitter only is incorporated into your website through different embedding ways.

Now, the ways to embed twitter UGC is another concern, that we will discuss shortly later in this article.

As of now, we have an idea regarding Twitter embedding, we should now know about the importance of Twitter with eCommerce business.

Twitter Feed on website – Benefits of embedding it on business website

  • It can attract the audience by highlighting celebrity interactions with your brand

If you are present in social media, then you have a golden opportunity to influence the world. 

By embedding twitter feeds on website, you can not only influence the global audience but can also showcase the world about your global acquaintance.

People usually like to connect with a brand if your brand has been ever used, tagged, hashtagged by a celebrity. Thus, along with the ordinary UGC, you can grab the audience through celebrity pictures with your business (if any) as well free of cost. 

  • It improves your website’s visual appeal.

The website’s look does matter when your product is just something more than an average. People would rather not go for something non-promising, and they’ll surely purchase if it is worth and useful for them, no matter how attractive the website would be.

When you have an attractive and a website worth dwelling on, users would like exploring your website more than they normally do. They can see your business as well as your recognition in a Twitter-like sophisticated network and may also spread sound word-of-mouth for your business recognition.

  • It will reduce the bounce rate of your website

The website is considered as a digital platform for your business, through which the whole world can see, explore, and understand your product or service. 

E-commerce websites need to be quite interesting for keeping the customer stay and not bounce. The exciting twitter feed on website can make it possible for your website by attracting the audience and stay on your website for longer than before.

Usually, a visitor does not expect anything else than the product visuals on an eCommerce website, but when they find a complete Twitter generated feed full of brand-related UGC in it, this makes the user watch and compile to explore more, which ultimately reduces the bounce rate of your website.

  • It becomes THE SECOND way to explore your business for customers

We have just said in the last point that visitors usually don’t expect much other than the product visuals on an eCommerce website.

Once you have a Twitter feed embedded into your website, you’ll get an additional window to display your business’s global reach and recognition through it. Your website visitors would appreciate your decision to incorporate social media with your business. Especially for Twitter, because Twitter has a unique recognition in comparison to other networks.

It is observed that people usually find a brand or an individual more credible and sophisticated than others if it has a sound recognition on Twitter.

  • It boosts user engagement and interaction.

Undoubtedly, the audience will be more likely to engage with your business after seeing your influence on Twitter and that will ultimately result in an increase in your average sale through it.

User engagement and interaction with any website are the results of website dynamism and the offerings for the customers. The more stuff a website has for its customers, the more the customers would like to engage with it. 

In this case, you are adding a Twitter feed on website, which will be a quite unique thing to explore for your website visitors and customers as well.

Your customers may also find themselves in the UGC if they’ve ever used your brand name in their post, which is again a positive thing for your website and its engagement because such unexpected representation of regular customers into your website will surely excite and compile your fans to engage more and more with your business either through social media or website.


After knowing all the business relevant benefits, one should also know how to embed twitter feed on website and its different ways, or what tool can make it possible. Therefore, there is one more suggestion for those who are looking for such social media aggregator tool that can embed the potential twitter feed on website, Taggbox is a king-tool for this. Thus, just do not wait for long as time never returns, and bang with it asap.

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