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Artificial Intelligence no longer sounds like an alien term. It is true and has already started showing its impact across the world. However, one of the major concerns of the people is the real scope of AI. Many people think that AI can even redefine the culture of a society while others think that this assumption is just an exaggeration. So, it would be better to assess its veracity in the real-life scenario and present capabilities of AI. This blog deeply studies the role of different AI capabilities in reshaping modern society.

AI’s role in transportation industry

When we talk about the pure self-driven technology that is expected to run on a commercial level on the roads in the near future then nothing can beat or even match the standards of Tesla. With its next age vehicles powered by Self-driving technology the Tesla has already covered massive miles successfully and with a few updates the company is expected to start the commercial launch of fully independent self-driving vehicles that are capable to run on their own. Understandably the huge success of its autopilot project means that the Tesla is not really far from launching a self-driving vehicle’s range.

How will it affect the culture?

The job and income are significant matters that affect the overall culture of any society. With self-driving vehicles, such employees can not only prevent the loss of time and productivity but can also enhance the growth opportunities other terms of post and the income that can uplift their social status. Multiply this effect with the wide spectrum of society and you can easily understand the vital cultural effect it can have on society!

Law and Order

There have been some efforts to introduce Ai in legal matters too. Some courts have already started using AI for determining the parole eligibility while others are even using them for more active roles.

Some tech start-ups are also putting efforts into streamlining the workload of law related organization by introducing their AI applications. Surprisingly, there haven’t been very serious talks on the compliance and regulatory aspects of AI in the law and it cold are detrimental for the industry.

How can it affect the culture?

Conmen can use AI for their vested interests and the companies can promote their commercial interests without thinking deeply on the long-lasting legal impacts.

Likewise the Ai can be a silent and confident alley to the Government in investigating your digital data through social networks, emails, phones etc.

What if the AI is used to facilitate a wrong judgment by changing its core programming and/or algorithms?

Racism is still practiced in subtle or evident ways and the law can also be biased against/in favor of specific ethnicities, cultures and built types associated with particular countries. How can we say that such biased data will not affect the functionality of the AI and we can see a more biased society in the future?

The history is a witness that the societies that are biased or promote racism can have a negative impact on the world as a whole and their own country/affected ethnicities in the particular. So it is another negative aspect of the Ai on the culture.

AI’s role in promoting consumerism

Huge companies like Amazon are using the advanced digital AI technologies to start a natural conversation with the consumers and selling their ideas to them in a more human and subtle level. While it is all a strategic responses to the data feed and specified algorithms, the natural language capabilities give whole affair personal touch and many times the consumer is fooled can be fooled into thinking as if he is getting help from a real buyer who I sharing his honest reviews with them.

How will it affect the society?

It will further increase the consumerism and as creating a highly advanced Ai is a really difficult, time-consuming and expensive affair, it is also expected that many start-ups and related industries will take the help of the established companies to cross-sale their products by using their proprietary AI capabilities.

By purchasing, loans for the things that you don’t need can badly disturb your budget in the long run and can lead to the financial crisis. The financial crisis has a great impact n the nearly every stratum of society. Working overtime can cause family differences, budget issues can promote unethical practices like bribery and corruption and competition to acquire the goods that are well beyond your means can negatively affect the relations between friends, families, and neighbor.


One of the major concerns of the people is the role played by AI in redefining the culture. In this blog we have studied various real-life cases of highlighting the present and potential capabilities of AI and assessing its impact on the culture. The conclusion is that- yes AI can affect the culture in the long run in both positive and negative manner and we need to be careful while applying the potential of AI in the real-world scenario. If the proper guidelines, ethical restrictions and compliance’s are well-defined then it will certainly help us to eliminate or at least reduce the negative impact of AI on the culture.

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