Monday, October 18, 2021

Current Technological Scenario

The world has changed as we know it and even businesses are looking at the world in a different way. We are now looking mammoth amount of data and we are looking at where and how to store. Also its not only the data that has been accumulated in the last, its also about the data that is currently being accumulated, which is continuing to happen even as we speak. There is close to 1.5 TB data, which is generated from Twitter. On similar lines, just consider other social media networks as well. There are pictures and videos being uploaded every moment. So how will we store all this data and further comes the challenge of processing this data. Currently, this is only 2018, even if we talk about 5-10 years down the line, the data would have not only multiplied, instead it would not even quadrupled but even gone beyond that.

About Amazon

Even for that matter companies are changing and trying to make their presence felt in the market by taking on new technologies. There are more and more companies moving into providing IT solutions. Cloud computing has become the next step and being able to run applications and programs on the cloud has become the next things that are happening and is one everyone’s mind. We all have heard about Amazon. Most of us probably know Amazon as the world’s largest online market. However, there is probably another sphere that Amazon is currently exploring and willing to create a tsunami in the market.

1. Amazon Features: Cloud Storage

The new section of Amazon is now known as AWS or Amazon Web Services. So what exactly is Amazon Web Services or AWS for that matter? AWS is that section of Amazon, which is working on providing cloud storage capabilities to companies that are considering or in the process of moving all their infrastructure on to the cloud. Currently, as a part of this cloud infrastructure, the services provided by Amazon are simplistic storage solutions, cloudDrive, RedShift, Cloud Search, Mechanical Turk, Dynamo Database, ElastiCache, and Elastic Compute Cloud.

2. Amazon Features: AI

After taking on the world of cloud computing, Amazon has proved his mark even in the world of AI or Artificial Intelligence, by introducing the entire to their latest technology – Alexa.

3. Amazon In the Future

If this isn’t enough, Amazon through AWS plans to take technology to an all-new level. Other providing storage facilities, AWS will soon take the world by a storm by increasing its capabilities in such a way that not only would the cloud be used for storage only. The next level of technology would be being able to run applications and other services on the Internet itself. This would mean extension in processor speeds, greater storages, and even extended GPU acceleration. This would finally all come together to provide a cloud computing with capabilities that can’t even be imagined.  We are talking about extended features and experiences like machine learning which would be compute-intensive, fluid dynamics that would be computational along with finance and seismic analysis, deep learning genomics workloads and molecular modeling.


To achieve this, Amazon is already working with NVidia for acquiring the next generation of GPU-powered EC2 instances, which would be available in all AWS regions. There are new P3 instances to handle the above-mentioned features, which will be powered by up to eight NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.

The future Impact

As we are all aware, the data is continually growing and there is no way that this growth is ever coming to end in the future. So every company has access to this unlimited data, where hidden between the layers of data is insights that could completely transform their industry. Business operations would be automated, cancer could be diagnosed in advance and also assist in the prediction of hurricanes, which would be future accelerated in computation by AWS and NVIDIA with the most formidable and cutting-edge GPU-accelerated cloud.

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