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The artificial intelligence has been gaining a lot of importance in today’s world where everything is moving towards automation Artificial Intelligence is a very important part of today’s world. When the whole world is implementing artificial intelligence, people wish to see more of it in every aspect of life. Artificial intelligence is the future of the world. As predicting the trends for the upcoming year,

Let’s have a close look on the upcoming trends on artificial intelligence for the year 2019-

  1. Rise of AI enabled chips- AI chips need very complex mathematical machinery for training it. Even the high-tech chips cannot train the AI models.  The artificial intelligence models may also use mechanisms such as face recognition and object detection. They are the next generation technologies and the upcoming industries completely rely on these for their future. The upcoming year will mark the use of these chips to speed up the use of more and more applications using AI.
  2. Merging of AI and IOT together- IOT and AI both are the burning topics of the present era. There is a lot of research going on in both the fields and experts are trying their best to bring both of these together to use them in the latest technologies and bring in the best from both of these. The use of artificial intelligence is being carried in robotics mostly as the people are trying to build more and more of humanoid robots. Merging the two sectors in the correct way can prove to be very beneficial for everyone.
  3. Interoperability amongst neural networks- Neural networks and machine learning are other aspects of growth.  The basic challenge that one faces while working with the neural networks is to choose the right platform for the same. Choosing from the wide list of availabilities is never easy. Lack of interoperability is one of the biggest drawbacks in adoption of AI. The big MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft have bonded together to bring about the change and solve the issue. Hence, 2019 will be a remarkable year for neural networks and adoption of AI for the same.
  4. Machine Learning automation- Machine learning is the future of technology. Great advancements have been made and a lot of research is going on in the field. People are trying to bring in new machine learning tricks to club with artificial intelligence in order to get the best out of it. The concept of machine learning automation makes use of AI along with machine learning to bring about a revolution in technology. 2019 will mark a new trend in the machine learning automation.
  5. AI to automate DevOps through AIOps- Log data is captured using modern applications and infrastructure. The large data sets obtained from the operating systems and variety of software types can be correlated and aggregated in order to find patterns and insights. Machine learning models make the data sets more predictive. The AI applications will redefine the way the infrastructure is carried out and managed. ML and AI together will provide intelligence to the offices. The year 2019 will bring these two together to change the use of DevOps as AIOps


Artificial intelligence will be seen to grow in the upcoming years and will find its applications in all walks of life. The artificial intelligence is the tool to creating anything and everything possible in the future. AI along with the various technologies when brought together can-do wonders to you and your company. The world will observe a whole new AI trend in the upcoming years.

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