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Companies today are generating and consuming more and more data than ever before. It is predicted that by 2025, the sphere of data will grow up to a magnanimous 163ZB (over a trillion bytes). With such a huge amount of data created, companies will require a place where it can be securely stored. In the last few years, cloud computing has become a trending digital data storage solution for both business and personal use.

There are many advantages in moving towards a cloud computing system. There are two kinds- hybrid, where it is a mixture of company and cloud servers or just complete cloud-based data storage systems. They also include simple IT management and infrastructure and cloud helps grant remote access from anywhere in the world with just a stable internet connection. It is the epitome of cost efficiency.

A lot of companies are recognizing the benefits of cloud computing and the amount of investment going into it is expected to exponentially soar over the next few years. The majority of large organizations and SMEs are starting to implement some or the other form of cloud computing strategies in their businesses. It is expected that roughly 60-70% of companies will have the software, technologies, and services which are cloud-based in the next couple of years.

Future Predictions on how businesses will use Cloud

Today’s IT structures are becoming a thing of the past and cloud computing is the next technological breakthrough waiting to happen. Here are a few predictions that will urge companies to join the ‘cloud revolution:

  1. Software domination-In the future, the companies’ information will have to pass through various filters before it actually interacts with the user’s computer. Every piece of data that needs to be accessed will be stored away in a huge storage base somewhere in the server software and because of this, Hardware will become non-existent to an extent.
  2. New angles of development -The level of sophisticated individual programs and its complexity is increasing every second. Their size is growing by leaps and bounds and as a result, software development will be incorporated from different angles. Cloud technologies will need a new system as the near future, applications will not just be stored in the cloud, it will have various modules located on different servers of various cloud services. This will surely reduce the cost of software that the companies are currently investing in
  3. Increased data security-Due to the huge volume of data, the companies will require a reliable source of encryption for all the information. The security of data centers will continue to remain superior. Very soon, the minimum requirements for protocols will completely change and the access to data centers will be severely restricted. There will most likely be a biometric scanning along with electronic keys to enter the protected premises.
  4. Cost efficiency- As software is expected to become more and more standardized, many companies are working on making web applications more compatible. In order to open a PDF file, one need not install Acrobat on their computer and Word will be able to work with many different kinds of files. This change will slow companies to interact with each other more easily and comprehensively. As a result, it will urge manufacturers to produce better products at a surprisingly low price.

The Impact

Cloud is definitely expected to bring more benefits to the companies and to the world than one can even begin to imagine now. The owner of businesses must stay updated on the latest technological developments of cloud computing to stay afloat in the competitive market.

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