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Cloud Computing is a rage amongst Blue Chip Companies and their IT teams as its become very easy and convenient to access the data from anywhere in the globe. The large data storage capacity and the secure and safe accessibility is something that the world seeks. Cloud Computing is that technological revolution which is grabbing everyone’s attention.

Cloud Computing can be leveraged by IT giants & Corporate houses in a million ways:

  • Large Database Management
  • An Infrastructure that provides 24 X 7 availability and Performance
  • Optimum Utilization of available resources
  • Disaster Management Strategy for recovery of data
  • Independent Device Usability
  • Cost Effective Infrastructure
  • Security, Compliance and Risk Management deployment
  • Load Managing and Downtime related issues eradicated

1 What are companies doing to cope up with the Cloud Technology?

Companies are moving towards Cloud based management system at a superfast speed. According to a research by IDC, “almost half of the IT spending will be cloud-based in 2018, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure and 60-70% of all software, services and technology spending by 2020.” Cloud service providers like Microsoft, Amazon or Google with their proficient cloud storages like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud are coming up with Data encrypted software and tools for small business as well to leverage the efficient use of Cloud Management services.

2 Cloud Based Storage Solutions

Cloud Computing and storage solutions are the talk of the town when it comes to the next gen IT Giants and Startups. Companies are now moving towards combining Cloud Based software products and on premises agile tools to create a Hybrid model of IT Solution, which can be easily created and deployed through a remote server with no compromise on Security and control. Infact in a recent study, Gartner’s experts predict that cloud computing will have almost evicted the traditional on-premises model of workload location by 2020.  

3 Industries that have adapted Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is also a very easily adaptable mode of operations for any type or genre of industry as it comes with minimal upfront infrastructure costs and rapid scalability to any extent. Be it any industry – Manufacturing or Healthcare, Real Estate or Hospitality, Education or Automobile industry, cloud computing is spearheading in nearly all businesses with its quick fix model. This integration of cloud based solutions across various lines of businesses is sure to bring a very high amount of efficiency and productivity across industries. Hence there is also a growing need of skilled and proficient employees being trained on the utilization of Cloud Computing and its usability. Therefore, education and knowledge transformation for this new age technology advancement has become extremely critical to be able to deploy more and more enhancements in the Cloud Based world.

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