Monday, October 18, 2021

The field of electronics has seen a remarkable change in the past decade. The use of digital electronics is common in each and every field. As the world is shifting towards miniaturization, the people are working on the most common fields like AI and machine learning to improve the world by multiple folds. It is very important to figure out the use of these in common days and our day to day life. The digital use is increasing day by day and hereby we discuss the upcoming trends for the year 2019.

Here are the top 10 trends that you might see in the upcoming year

  • 5G mobile and sim cards: The world has been working with the 4G presently which is much faster than the 3G networks that we had been working with in the past years. The 4G trend took over the world so rapidly that it is now difficult to find the trace of 3G in the era. The upcoming year you will observe a great change in speed and technology with the use of 5G in android phones. While the iPhone users still have to wait for 2020 for the same.
  • Chatbots: Huge steps have been taken to improve the chatbot culture. The chatbots turned out to be very frustrating for some whereas for the others the experience was not so good. But 2019 is all ready to give you a very pleasant experience with the chat bots. Huge works are being carried out to improve the working of these chatbots and also in creation of several new ones to improve your experience and also to help you carry your task smoothly.
  • Connected clouds: One of the other things that you might as well get to observe in the year 2019. Working on the public, private and data clouds separately has always been useful but it is certainly not the best way to use the cloud for our benefits. Companies have been working together to create better technologies and trying to connect the three clouds together to get on with the latest cloud technology to benefit everyone in the world. 2019 would mark the use of multi-cloud as a common word on everyone’s mouth.
  • More of IOT: The internet of things still remains a very hot topic in today’s times. More and more research and usage of the technology in various fields will definitely bring in more of the IOT usage and implementation in a wide variety of fields. More and more work towards the smart city and autonomous vehicles will be carried out. Although there is a lot to process and work on but certainly IOT will be 1 of the digital trends you get to see in 2019.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: The machine learning has been worked upon by in numerous areas. The introduction and more and more use of machine learning and artificial intelligence will be seen in digital electronics and is definitely a very important part of 2019 trends.

The digital sector is an on growing sector and you cannot predict how things will be a decade later. With the people greatly working in the various fields, thousands of advances are taking daily and when you look for the technologies, you realize there is something new everyday that is going to come up. It is very difficult to say what will happen tomorrow, but definitely thee above mentioned areas will grow in the upcoming year. We can only sit back and wait for the best things to come up and the world to transform into a better place with the best facilities at affordable rates.

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