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So what is Cloud Computing?

We all knowingly and unknowingly utilize Cloud Computing almost everyday. Individuals and businesses use it on a daily basis when they use email, messaging applications, video streaming services, gaming development, data analytics, ChatBots like Siri, Alexa, data management, networking etc.

What is interesting is that this supposedly new phenomena actually dates back to the 1960s. Joseph Carl Robnett thought of the initial idea with the advent of grid and utility computing. This phase was followed providing this application as a service and emergence of the real Cloud phase around the year 2007.

To define Cloud Computing, it is the delivery of various computing services- databases, networking, software, analytics, servers, and information storage etc.- over the Internet, popularly known as ‘Cloud’. Since the user only pays for the services that they actually use, this has helped businesses to invest resources effectively, concentrate on their core business and leave the IT development to the experts, innovate and innovate fast, give a better & more secured experience to their customers and scale faster.

Investments in Cloud Computing:

The biggest advantage of Cloud is that companies do not have to park huge costs in building and maintaining their own IT networks and infrastructures.

There are two ways in which we can analyze the investments in Cloud:

  1. Investment by companies in their own IT infrastructures and storage was around one-third of their entire IT expense.
  2. The above factor shows an enhances reliance on companies providing Cloud Computing Services like Amazon Web Service (AWS)

The Future: The Intelligent Cloud

Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, is the science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Feeding huge amounts of data to the algorithms and allowing them to perform and improve do this.

Machine learning is on the brim of next level of virtual automation- The stage where there will be no human intervention necessary. This, when integrated with Cloud Computing, will be much more beneficial. An amalgamation of both will augment the current features of Cloud Computing vastly.

With Machine Learning, Cloud Computing will not only support in storage & backup of data but also intelligently learn from the vast realms of data stored. We can only imagine the leap that the data consumers will take when this data will be used to analyze and predict situations with the lowest possible margin for errors.

Transformative democratization by service providers like Amazon Web Services

Till now, there has been raw data available to businesses to store and use. The predictive intelligence of Machine Learning has been missing.

Amazon, one of the most valuable IT companies in the world, through its Amazon Web Services (AWS), has recognized what Machine Learning can do when combined with Cloud Computing.

Being the pioneer in Cloud Computing services, the company is making tremendous investments to open possibilities for companies once they understand how to combine Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

The attempt to democratize Machine Learning for all stems from a realization of the possibilities that lay before businesses. It can lead to a generation of change when it comes to predictive marketing and sales, training, better people management, inventory management, data analytics and fraud detection.

In the last one year, AWS has developed and released around 200 Machine Learning services and features. The new services include SageMaker that makes it easier for customers to build, train and deploy models, Textract that extracts text and data from virtually any scanned document, Amazon “ Comprehend Medical” tool that provides Natural Language Processing for medical information.

Another important investment made by AWS is towards protecting Business Clouds from “Bad actors”. Instances of cyber attacks and hacking are becoming more common and complex. AWS is focusing on safeguarding the algorithms and models from ‘Actors’ who have the capacity and intent to harm the world. To do this, AWS is benchmarking algorithms to help them remain as accurate as possible. Along with this, they are being careful in recommending customers about the usage of these services.

AWS is also a platform where developers can sell their Algorithms and Models, thus opening up more choices for the customers.


The use of Machine Learning combined with Cloud Computing cannot be underscored when it comes to critical industries like Healthcare where it can assist doctors in making more accurate predictions, streamline medical procedures, treat patients on the basis of the urgency of care needed and cost effectiveness. The same is true for sectors like education, finance etc.

As per a study by Forbes, Cloud Computing is projected to increase from $ 67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020.

In the coming years, the number of new Cloud solutions will definitely rise and we will see more organizations taking advantage of this high performing service. By the year 2020, businesses would have made a hybrid or full transition to Cloud.

Almost every industry and service will be digitalized in the near future

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