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“Podcast” as the word suggests is a free service provided on the internet, where a user can pull audio files (mostly MP3s) from a website which hosts podcasts. The word ‘Podcast’ is a combination of two words iPod and broadcasting, does it ring a bell on your brain now? If you are thinking that podcasts are as good as listening to something on your computer’s on digital audio players than you are right.

Podcasting has taken quite a huge rise in the past several years and if you consider today’s trend you would be able to see that podcasts aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. And so many people have entered in this incredibly interesting field of podcasting and if you are also somewhat eager to join this podcasting game than here is how to create a record and publish your own podcasts and get people to listen to it!


Part A: Planning

For any task to be performed the initial stage is planning. Plan your podcast properly, jot down the points in your diary or notebook for easy outflow.

Narrow your topic

There are tons of podcasts out there on the internet. Similar to blogs, even a podcast needs to be up to the point. The best part of the podcast is that you can publish it in parts like episodes. So why not take advantage of this and choose a topic where you can speak for an endless amount of time say for 100+ episodes of around 15 to 20 minutes each episode. But remember that the topic you narrow down should be interesting and trendy. Doesn’t it sound crazy that people would listen you speak of something you are fond of?

Pick a Co-host (Optional)

Do you want to co-host your podcast with a friend, acquaintance, business partner or someone already in this field? Feel free to do that.  If you have co-host podcasting becomes fun and intractable. And co-hosting will give you additional listener and promotion would become easier. This can even help you to make an engaging conversation if you and your co-host both share the same point of views on the topic.

Choose an Appropriate Name

It’s the most important step because if you consider the internet users worldwide they click on something if it has a catchy name. So while naming your podcast remember to have an interestingly catchy name.

Get a Domain

Don’t you think domain will play an important role in your promotion and attracting listener? Yes, and so you need to choose a good domain to attract more people for your podcast.

Part B: Preparation

Now when you have narrowed down to your topic, selected a name, domain to start, you will need the following for your launch.

Create Cover Art

The impression of any product is created by its looks. So why not create your podcast’s first impression by adding cover art. Attractive cover art can bring more internet users to listen to your podcasts.

Start with Professional Introduction

Get a proper professional introduction for your podcast. Introducing yourself and your topic for the first 40 to 60 seconds, will help the listeners connect to you easily and if your intro sounds good, more people will reach out to you.

Choose Intro Music

To make your podcast more interesting, professional and impressive, add intro music to it. You can create your own unique music to stand out and give a professional impression.

Get a Microphone

The podcast is all about a good voiceover and that can be only recorded using a microphone. Any microphone will work for recording your podcast, but listeners can usually tell the difference between low and high-quality microphones.  Hence invest in good podcast microphone for better results.

Part C: Recording & Editing

There are many programs available for recording and editing. Use a well-developed and well-known podcast recording application or software for your podcast. Popular options are Adobe Audition, GarageBand and Audacity.  

Create A Template

Before you get started, it will be much easier if you create a template that you can reuse every time you record. What this means is that you will have your intro & outro music already placed, space for ad spots, as well as your tracks for your voice or an interviewee.

Record your Episode

Make sure that you record your episode appropriately. Once you press the start recording button on your software, using microphone start speaking your topic. Emphasis on your voice, voice pitch, pronunciation and speak clearly and in a language which people will understand. Take pauses at correct places.

Edit your Episode

After recording your episode, edit it so that it seems more professional for the one listening to it.  Keep in mind that everyone’s voice is different so there aren’t perfectly universal settings in any recording software, but you can get a good start by:

Select the track you want to work with

Click an empty space in the Plug-ins box

Add compression by going to Dynamics

Add EQ

Finalize your track for launching.

Part D: Launch

How to Start a Podcast Step by Step Guide

Get an excellent Host for launching your podcast.

Upload your First Episode.

Keep uploading other episodes from time to time.

Prompt your podcast at all your social media handle.

Finally, as exciting as it is to finally get your podcast out there for everyone to hear, consider waiting to submit your podcast until you already have few episodes with you. Submitting only one episode can leave a lot to be desired for those that stumble upon your show. It’s also less likely that you’ll be featured or promoted as something new and noteworthy. To avoid this, a record at least five to six podcast before launching your first episode.

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