Sunday, September 26, 2021

We all know how important smartphones have become in our lives. People nowadays cannot leave their phone even for a few minutes. The impact the smartphones have had on our lives is tremendous. What makes the smartphones so special, it is definitely the mobile applications that make these special.  Mobile applications have their own importance and there are a lot of applications and advancements which you might see in the upcoming years. So, as we talk about 2019, here are some of the major app changes that you might likely observe-

  1. Accelerated mobile pages Mobile and web pages tend to cause a lot of irritation when you are trying to open something and things aren’t working the way you want them to. Sluggish web pages are one of the most irritating things to go through. With 2019 you will observe the web page speed to increase by multiple folds. You will be able to browse a lot faster than now.
  2. On demand app services We live in the world where most of the tasks are carried online. The on-demand services have grown out to be a necessity these days. From food delivery to car washing everything can be easily carried out online. You will have no problem figuring out the various services on the mobile apps as there will be a great increase in the on-demand applications in the upcoming year.
  3. Location based services When the applications tend to use your location, it definitely means that the applications is more specific and personalized. These applications thus tend to provide better user experience for everyone out there. The 2019 will mark an increase in the location-based applications too.
  4. Cloud based applications As there is a remarkable increase in the field of cloud computing and the advancements have definitely caused a lot of benefits in the tech world. The cloud can be used for storing a large amount of data without much of a problem. The cloud-based applications are bound to increase as almost every application will shift to the cloud the upcoming year.
  5. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is one of the most hot topic of the tech world. There is a lot of research going on in this field. The applications are thus being seen in these fields and an effort is being made to make more and more use of AI in applications.
  6. IOT Iot is also another very important aspect on which research is being carried out. It is much easy to use the devices as an application in this field. The mobile apps will tend to make more use of these applications in the upcoming year.
  7. Chatbots These are another mobile app development sectors to work on. Chatbots can be really beneficial and using them with mobile apps is definitely a very good idea to begin your year with. If used with ML these chatbots can actually do wonders to help us in a wide variety of areas.
  8. Mobile payments There has been a lot of changes seen in the shopping trends of the people. Things have shifted online and people have been looking for various easy ways to get with the payments. The 2019 will bring many new techniques of easy payments
  9. Instant apps- The instant apps can be very useful in a lot of ways. People have been working to increase the number of instant apps for the best of the requirements of people.
  10. Virtual reality Bringing virtual reality into the field of mobile app development is a very advanced              technology and can be of great help. You can a lot of high-level advancements in it as well in the upcoming year.


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