Sunday, September 26, 2021

The technology trends are bound to grow as the advancements in the various sectors take place, you will be able to find a lot changing daily.  The new researches that have been carried as a whole will be changed in a wide variety of ways. The advancements in the various fields all aim at bringing the user of more and more of artificial intelligence and machine learning uses in our day to day life. But there are certain other aspects too that one intends to look for.

Here is a list of top 5 strategic trends of the year 2019-

  1. Autonomous things- As the advancements in artificial intelligence comes into picture, we tend to look for more of it in the things around.  Autonomous items as robots, drones and vehicles make use of AI to carry out the functions that were initially taken up manually. AI offers solutions to interact better with the surroundings. The growth of artificial intelligence has also led the companies to work with the robotics sector in building humanoid robots and what not to make the world better.
  2. Augmented analytics- It makes use of the concept of machine learning to focus on the specific area to find out how the analytics is actually developed. Machine learning is a hot topic these days. It basically comprises of the algorithm written in a way that the machine gets to learn from its past experiences. Self-learning is the main moto of the machine learning. The augmented analytics will tend to grow in the future at a very rapid rate.
  3. Digital twins- By 2020 Gartner estimates that billions of things will find their digital twins in the sector. There is an estimated bring back of about 20 billion sensors and endpoints. IOT will also find a large number of applications in the industry and hence it will be a delight to watch the things evolve in the upcoming year.
  4. Blockchain- with the promise to reshape the industries by building trust and providing transparency, lowering the costs and effective transaction time, the block chain has come out to be a very important topic of the recent times. People have been working on blockchains as well as cryptocurrencies for the improvement of the world. The blockchain is a very essential tool in bank transactions and various other day to day phenomenon and all this in combined form will make our lives a lot easier than what is today.
  5. Smart space- it is a space be it physical or digital that provides an environment in which the technology and the human beings interact together. They come off in an environment to function together to get the best results possible. The trends follow a pattern that specifies the importance of this to happen. The day is not far off when things will all be digitized and the world will be full of intelligence and human beings staying together in a mutual relation.

There are many more trends that may be seen in the year 2019. But the above mentioned are the 5 most important ones as they are the most discussed among the people. With the advancement in the various sectors the predictions can be made that 10 years from  now the world will be a very different place to live in. The rapid researches that have been going on along with the various trends seen you can easily think of the future. The earth will then be a smart place and the human beings will be the smart species. Let us sit back and see what the future holds for each one of us out there.

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