Monday, October 18, 2021

With the arrival of 2019, everyone wishes to have a great start for the year with loads of surprises and plans for the upcoming year. Over the years, businesses have encountered numerous changes, especially in the eCommerce trends.

With years the ecommerce trends have changed loads. Let us note down the changing trends of e-commerce for the year 2019 and beyond-

  1. Virtual assistants- It is always easier to buy from a local store as the products can be physically touched and you have assistants to serve you in case of difficulty in finding things. In the upcoming year the online trends may change a bit and like any physical stores virtual assistance will be provided to guide you through the products.
  2. Activist consumers- with the outgoing trends, the ecommerce is going to change by multiple folds. You will find the consumer values to have great influence on the packaging and delivery of things. The purchasing behaviour may also see a lot of changes.
  3. Sales taxes- It seems that the good days might see a turn.  The sales taxes that were removed will be reimpose on the consumers. The consumers will have to pay taxes on everything that they buy, further the merchants will have to maintain a track of whatever goes and the various sales taxes in different areas.
  4. Mobile app dominance- having a mobile app for everything that you want. This is exactly how things are. The mobile applications are far easier to work with and hence people are shifting on it for the purchases.
  5. Machine learning and artificial intelligence- there have been huge advancements in this field and as the time goes you will find them having a much greater impact in our shopping experiences. You can also expect growth in store owners and sites leading to advancements in e-commerce.
  6. SEO transformations- You will be able to carry on voice searches on your e-commerce sites as per the latest reports. The business websites are being modified in a way to look for the best products based on voice search. As stated by 2020 more than half of the searches will be transformed into voice searches.
  7. Improved payment methods- It was never easy to carry out card payments in olden times. As the advancements have taken place you can easily pay online and the fear of payment has started to subside these days. Use of credit and debit cards and also PayPal has increased.
  8. Fast shipping – even now there are so many sites which take more than 4 to 5 days to ship the products, with 2019 you may see a change in the shipping and will further be able to get your ordered products faster. There are sites like amazon which deliver products within a day. 2019 may give you the good news of the other sites delivering faster results too.
  9. Image searches- rumours has it you will also be able to go for image searches directly on the internet which will further decrease the task of the consumer. It will be a lot easier to find the products in the store than any of the other search methods
  10. Social media transactions- in the upcoming year, people will also be able to purchase things directly on the social media platforms without any difficulty.

Now, as the year 2018 comes to end the 2019 is to bring a lot of new changes in technology and many other areas. We just hope that the things carried out in 2019 fetch the best results possible and help benefit both the merchants and the consumers.  With this hope lets bring in 2019 into our lives and hope that things turn out for the best of everything.

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