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To see at what rapid speed these cloud computing and social media technologies are growing, one can take example of twitter. Nowadays people are receiving more than 500 million messages on daily basis and some time before there was no existence of twitter at all. And these types of development in Cloud Computing and social media is influencing the customer behaviour completely and they are also putting an impact on the workforce expectations.

These drastic developments do prove that in this type of digitally framed era, one needs to keep themselves completely updated and loaded with all types of recent technologies and trends so that one can survive nicely in the business. It is very important and critical for businesses to keep themselves updated, keep their eye on the future predictions, and be ready for them beforehand. Let’s see what are the future predictions for Clouds Computing in 2020?

Predictions about Cloud Computing in 2020 and preparing for them.

  1. It will be all about wearables.

According to the few previous CES one thing got really cleared and shows all the possible intension in near future is having Smartwatches and incredibly Small computers and the other exciting thing is encompassing Trackers for Pets. Although these types of wearable gadgets and technology is still treated as a solution of certain non-existing issues. In the very near future it can be said that solutions will be provided by the cultured technology which will basically be related to the health monitoring and can definitely add up value to our lives.

  1. Mobility is becoming an absolute standard

With the passing time, mobility is becoming a complete standard and the workforce is said to be experiencing the exact situations. In very less time and near future, the employees will be able to work at their preferred time and they can be even free to choose their own specific method. And this will be able to happen only with a collaborative ecosystem.

  1. Security will be the biggest challenge.

These days the biggest challenge which is being talked about is, developing a secure environment and the opportunity by which one can misplace the personal and sensitive data should be decreased. In 2020 also these situations will be there; the biggest concern will be of keeping the data safe and decreasing the chances of any further loss of the data.

  1. Software will be used in everything.

At a very fast speed, this whole world is moving towards the virtualization. Slowly and gradually the software is being used everywhere nowadays from Textiles to the Taxi services and even in the Hospitality industry. In 2020, the predictions are that everything will be managed by the Smart applications and they will be running via a complete server network connectivity, data centres and ofcourse Cloud Storage systems. And the businesses which will not prepare themselves according to these technology advancements and will not have all updated systems which can work with these new settings, will definitely have problems in surviving this all new and changing business culture

The Impact

The predictions are saying that with the changing time, businesses need to change their strategies and way of working if they want to survive or really grow in the future. These types of changing technologies have provided a very strong power to the end users and they are becoming an important part of our professional as well as the private lives too, and the requirements that one needs to accommodate all these things in their process is increasing day by day. Cloud Computing is the most reliable source of operation in the future considering its cost effectiveness and ease of use. Hence companies are moving towards this at a much fast pace.

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